2017 Codes & Cyphers

2017 Codes & Cyphers

2017 has been an surreal year of fake news and dangerous tweets. So we decided we need a way to decipher a world that is written in code. In order to find our New Year’s Wish follow the clues and read between the lines.

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2016 Abundance

We live in a world of Abundance.

This year we wanted to highlight the optimistic since we can still see hope in the world. In the past eight years we have seen our economy improve, more people than ever have health care,  marriage equality became the law of the land and we brokered an international climate change agreement.

This Abecedarium shines a light on some important  benchmarks we have achieved and sets our sites on more to come like Peace on Earth!

Abundance by Peter Diamandis & Steven Kotler
Check out the Ted Talk!

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