2017 New Year’s Abecedarium

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  • Z is for Z Chart
    Z is for Z Chart
  • Y is for Years
    Y is for Years
  • X is foe XPRIZE
    X is foe XPRIZE
  • W is for Wind
    W is for Wind
  • T is for Technology
    T is for Technology
  • S is for Sustainable
    S is for Sustainable
  • R is for Renewable
    R is for Renewable
  • Q is for Quality
    Q is for Quality
  • P is for Poverty
    P is for Poverty
  • O is for  Optimism
    O is for Optimism
  • N is for Natural
    N is for Natural
  • M is for Memory
    M is for Memory
  • L is for Land
    L is for Land
  • K is for Kilo
    K is for Kilo
  • I is for Infant
    I is for Infant
  • H is for Housing
    H is for Housing
  • G is for Global
    G is for Global
  • F is For Farmers
    F is For Farmers
  • E is for Education
    E is for Education
  • D is for Donation
    D is for Donation
  • C is for Child
    C is for Child
  • B is for Battle
    B is for Battle
  • A is for Acceleration
    A is for Acceleration

This year we are going green and abundant by putting up a website for our New Year’s Abecedarium.  We know you all love the challenge every year. Now you can be a part of it by adding your comments. We want to see your evidence for the abundance in our world.

We have also started to add cards from years gone by.

10 Replies to “2017 New Year’s Abecedarium”

  1. May I tweet this ? I am working on a Municipal Reference for urban migratory bird conservation practices. I must finish it before the new year, . . . However, I am so pleased to see you and Hayley have already charted the known A-.Z, where within the unknown lurks!
    M is for Merry

    1. Yes of course. Please share. Good luck with the bird count. Let us know your results.I think M is for Mary! Love, Hayley & Jack

  2. It’s compelling to recognize the way in which, even in dark times, measures of human progress can nonetheless increase light. Recent achievements stoke a sense of the possible, and so parlay into a brighter future.

    For me, it remains essentially important that optimism be radicalized in a way that constantly negotiates critically between quantity and quality. So, it may be impressive that Americans experience more than 20 years of education, but a critical evaluation of that measure would ask ‘What is the quality of this education? Do this many years of ‘school’ increase or decrease the wisdom of the student? Or, do years of specialization reduce the humanity and capacity of a human to understand the complexity of the world?’

    Similarly, how do increasing life spans impact sustainability if they are not tempered by kindness and restraint? Or, does giving in the sense of ‘charitable contributions’ match the open generosity of a social system that undoes the one-way hierarchy of givers and receivers?

    An echoing call for the measure of measures?


    1. This is so true. What good is an education or a long life without wisdom and quality? We want to spark this type of questioning. Please keep asking! Love, Hayley & Jack

  3. Love this! I’ll be looking forward to hear more about the progress you and Jack make on your sustainable living goals.

    Thank you, especially, for #oceanoptimism. It is a struggle to maintain the balance of being an active, engaged citizen, and becoming overwhelmed with gloom and doom, all the while “knowing” that what you focus on is what you get, and the danger on focusing too much on the devastating news. What a difficult challenge. I will accept it. I found this poem and posted it on my work social accounts yesterday. Seems timely:

    The Future
    Edgar Guest

    “The worst is yet to come:”
    So wail the doubters glum,
    But here’s the better view;
    “My best I’ve yet to do.”

    The worst some always fear;
    To-morrow holds no cheer,
    Yet farther on life’s lane
    Are joys you shall attain.

    Go forward bravely, then,
    And play your part as men,
    For this is ever true:
    “Our best we’ve yet to do.”

    Happy 2017 to you two!

    1. It is so true. I had never seen the Ocean Optimism before. Thanks for the poem. Happy New Year to you!

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