Fake news of another generation is _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ journalism

Aureolin, Canary, Chrome, Empire, Daffodil, Dandelion, Gold, Jonquil, Lemon, Light Cadmium, Luteus, Maize, Spectra, Squash, Sulphur.


A color name for naturally occurring plant alkaloids found in caffeine and chocolate of which bittersweet is onomatopoeia

Algonquin, bittersweet, feuille morte, leather lake, oakleaf, terra cotta.


Vivid in South Dakota

Carmetta, Chinese r~, Chrome r~, Derby r~, Empire r~, Imperial r~, Imperial Scarlet, Mercury r~, Norman Crimson, Ottoman r~, Persian r~, Royal r~, Victoria r~, Vienna red.


The grass is always _______, technically: copper phthalocyanine

Absinthe gr~, Asphodel gr~, Calliste gr~, Certosa, Chromium gr~, Chrysolite gr~, Cresson, Foliage gr~, Gaudy gr~, Grass gr~, Leek gr~, Lettuce gr~, Moss gr~, Porraceous, Parrot gr~, Sage gr~, Sea gr~, Tarragon, Turtle gr~, Verdant gr~, Woodbine.

Also spelled “phthalo,” a synthetic green with a yellow or a green valence, from phthalocyanine. Just the indicates how dangerous is the color.